Women’s Running Gear

Womens running gearNo matter what sport they are participating in, women want to be fashionable. For women who run, whether in a Marathon, a five-mile race or while training, they want to wear shorts and tank tops that look good. It isn’t of major importance that women’s running gear should impress the onlooker. What is important is that it makes her feel attractive as well as being comfortable.


Speaking of comfort, the first item that comes to mind is running shoes and the importance of the perfect fit. Understandable, because that’s where the runner meets the road. But, remember what’s in between the foot and the shoe. Perhaps the runner’s sock is equally important. These socks may be at the top of the ‘must feel good’ checklist.


It’s a whole new generation of sports clothes and equipment. The running sock of today has a number of innovative features that ensure a perfect fit and the ultimate in comfort. Whether you are a sprinter or training for the twenty-six mile Marathon, the ideal running socks keep the feet cool and dry. Plus they have fine detailing that coordinates with any jogging clothes.


Wearing the correct socks for running can mean the difference between abrasions and blisters or smooth healthy feet. The most appropriate pair will be anatomically shaped to support the foot. They will also be seamless, to ensure there will be no rubbing and causing sore spots.


Wicking fabrics draw moisture away from the body, allowing it to dissipate in the air. Thus, your feet are not affected by the sweating that takes place during a run. This type of fabric keeps them dry. The yarn used to make them has antifungal and antibacterial capabilities. This keeps foot odour from developing. The feet will be as fresh at the end of a race as when the socks are slipped on before putting on your shoes.


Long sessions of training for a Marathon may include strength training, a special diet and building up endurance. Running twenty-six miles is not something that you decide to do on a whim. It takes a great deal of preparation. Most often an athlete starts out with the goal of entering a five-mile race. Next she may work her way up to a half-Marathon. It may take several years to develop the confidence that she can finish that twenty-six mile challenge.


You will train under hot sun, on rainy days and on cold wintry days, depending on what part of the world you live in. The finest running socks can maintain your foot temperature regardless of any outside influence. If they are well-constructed of the best material, they will propel you towards your goal.


Just as you shop for the perfect-fitting running shoe, demand the best in a running sock too. Your feet support the weight of your entire body and take quite a beating over the miles. Consider all the important features when you buy socks. The best seamless running socks women can purchase will maintain their shape and odour-preventing features regardless of how often you launder them.


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by Marta | 08/05/2015