Why LoveSoks?

We will sweep you off your feet!

Our socks are not just any old socks! They are cutting edge, state-of-the-art socks which are manufactured using the latest technologies using fine quality yarns which offer a wide range of features and properties.

Socks like this can’t be found anywhere else on the market place. Our lovely socks combine medical attributes, sporting features, and skin-nourishing properties for those whose feet require that little bit of extra care.

Our socks are manufactured by Polish company JJW who specialise in medical and sports socks. We are the exclusive distributor of their DeoMed® and Motive® brands. Founded in 1989 by specialists from the Polish Academy of Sciences whose aim was to produce high quality innovative products. JJW produces the socks in its cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and designs them with the best quality natural and synthetic yarns, each offering their own unique properties. Theses socks are then trailed by “normal people” and professional athletes to ensure they are the very best they can be. You can be assured that you will be buying quality items manufactured and designed by those who have the specialist knowledge to create pioneering products!

Our award-winning medical socks, manufactured under the DeoMed® brand, have full medical accreditation and are perfect for those suffering from:

  • Diabetes
  • Foot, leg, and ankle swelling
  • Arterial and venous insufficiency of the lower limbs
  • Recurrent fungal foot
  • Inflammation of the skin
  • Excessive sweating
  • Obesity

  • Just look at the awards they have won!

    Diabetica Expo 2005 DeoMed Bamboo®, DeoMed® Cotton and Medic Deo® Cotton socks won individually awards.
    Diabetica Expo 2007Silver SeaCell® socks won an award.
    Diabetica Expo 2008 – Entire DeoMed® range of socks won first prize in the category:”Prophylactic/Disease preventative wear”.
    Diabetica Expo 2008Mosquito Stop® socks has been awarded with the first prize in the category “The Best Therapeutic Product”
    Diabetica Expo 2012 – The whole collection of medical socks DeoMed® has been awarded with the first prize in the category “Prophylactic Clothing”.

    Our sports socks, are great for active people who require socks specific to their sporting needs, with each product having their own unique functionalities such as:

  • Anti-odour
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Cushioned
  • Breathable
  • Foot stabilising
  • Temperature control
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Seamless or flat seam
  • Help to absorb shocks
  • Quick moisture retention
  • Protect against abrasions
  • Non-compressing yet gripping
  • Prevent from excessive sweating and overheating
  • Last but not the least Dietetics friendly

  • Our sport socks were rewarded a prestige consumer’s emblem of “Best in Poland” in 2010.

    All LoveSoks socks are incredibly hygienic and have antifungal, antibacterial and anti-odour properties. To achieve this, part form natural properties of the quality yarns, they are also treated with a special a long lasting finish created by a Swiss company Sanitized®. Some of the yarns contain silver ions which act as a natural deodorant this they have either been treated with a special long-lasting finish under license of Swiss company Sanitized® or the yarn contains silver ions which act as a natural deodorant and antimicrobial. Say farewell to foot odours!

    By purchasing our socks you can be sure that your feet will always feel clean, fresh, happy and healthy.

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