Our mission

lovesoks.comTo offer the best choice, best textiles, best construction and best technology in order to provide you with the right socks for your feet. In order to give your feet the right foot care you need choice.

Although your feet may often be hidden from sight, choosing the right socks is probably more important than the rest of your outfit. Caring for your feet means more than just washing and pedicure, it is equally important to have the right socks for any activity. We like to say: Healthy feet are happy feet!

Caring for your feet deserves thorough investigation and never more so than if you suffer from foot ailments, blood circulation issues or a very important condition, diabetes!

For us diabetes is a special category and it is on the increase. Too often those who suffer from it are unaware of the extra precautions to be taken or the greater risks their feet are exposed to. Abrasions, fungal infection and dry or chapped skin are just some of the risks.

We aim to help people know about these risks and also that help is at hand. Within the choices we offer are specially medicated socks, made with a less compressing band, which help your feet be cared for and comfortable.

We offer top quality socks for diabetics, socks for those who suffer foot odour and special socks for those who are active or engage in sports.

We aim to bring great sock innovation to as many people as possible. Lovesoks are here to bring you the perfect socks for YOUR feet, keeping them happy and you will be too!