No More Smelly Feet

Say Goodbye to Smelly Feet for Good!

If you suffer from smelly feet you need suffer no longer (and neither do those around you!). All LoveSoks products have antibacterial, antifungal and anti-odour properties, meaning the microbes that create these unpleasant smells can be banished for good!

Smelly feet (known as bromodosis) can be pretty unpleasant for all concerned, and it’s a problem that can occur all year round, not just in warmer weather.

Those who are especially active are more prone to this problem due to the amount of sweat produced in the shoes which creates a lovely breeding ground for microbes – but it’s not just sporty people that suffer from this; it can be anyone.

Odourless SocksYou’ll be pleased to know that help is at hand, in the form of our healthy, hygienic socks. All our socks have an antibacterial and antifungal finish and the words Deo or Deodorant after the sock name means that they have been treated with an odourless, wash-resistant deodorant – all products with the above properties are marked with the Sanitized® logo. We also have new generation sports and medical socks that contain silver ions in the yarn which act as a natural deodorant and reduce microbial growth on the fabric and the skin, making feet fresher and more hygienic.

And all of these effects are long-lasting, making our socks the perfect choice if you need to eliminate unsavoury smells!

As well as being incredibly hygienic, LoveSoks are made from breathable material which helps dissipate excess heat and moisture; they allow cool air in and hot air out, keeping feet nice and dry. Our socks are also great at keeping feet at the correct temperature, so if you are wearing our ski socks you don’t have to worry that feet will get too cold when out on the slopes, or that your feet will get too hot when out walking all day in our trekking socks.

If you enjoy participating in intensive sports such as football, tennis, running, cycling or athletics, or you are simply embarrassed about your smelly feet (or are really fed up with your partner’s feet) then give our hygienic socks a try – and let unpleasant smells be a thing of the past!

If Odourless socks are what you are looking for then you can view our entire selection of sanitary, hygienic, smell free socks here.