Why Do Diabetics Have to be Careful Cutting Their Toenails?

Most of us put very little thought into cutting our toenails. It’s an everyday chore that we all have to do and with no enjoyment. We spend a lot of time on our feet so it stands to reason we should take good care of them instead of just hiding them away buried under socks and shoes.

So, why do diabetics have be careful cutting their toenails?diabetic-blog-pic

If you are diabetic you may or may not be aware of the implications of not cutting your toenails correctly. Other than being a bit scratchy and catching on your socks there are a whole host of other reasons as to why you need to be a little more cautious

Not cutting your toenails carefully puts you at greater risk of ingrown toenails. A condition that is both uncomfortable and painful. It is where the toenail embeds itself into the side of the toe and keeps pressing in causing an infection. This can be treated with anti-biotics but often is made worse by people trying to cure the condition themselves by cutting  the nail back.  The real reason why diabetics have to be careful cutting their toenails is often the toe nail will need to be completely removed by a doctor if the antibiotics don’t clear an infection, as circulation and healing time is often a problem for diabetic patients.

Another reason why diabetics have to be careful cutting their toenails is to avoid cuts, abrasions, rubbing. If you cut your nail too short you can cause soreness and infection which is not only uncomfortable but can be difficult to heal and sometimes may lead to ongoing problems. Accidental nicks and cuts with scissors can also cause healing issues as can sharp toenails that haven’t been filed properly.

High impact sports and activities can cause foot problems another reason why diabetics have to be careful when cutting their toenails and also why they need to pay attention to wearing correctly fitting footwear and socks. Getting the right woman or men diabetic socks can help ease this problem very greatly. So, below are the tips on how to cut your toenails the right way.

The right way to cut your toenails

  1. Try to cut them after you have had a bath or shower or alternatively soak them in warm water for a few minutes to soften them.
  2. Don’t use blunt scissors or scissors that are too big. Use nail scissors or toenail clippers that are specifically designed for the purpose. Toenail clippers are less likely to make nails jagged.
  3. Cut your nails straight across the top but making sure you don’t cut too far down.
  4. Ensure your nails are dry before you start to file them or they will crack (leading to further problems.)
  5. File your nails straight across in one direction
  6. Moisturise your feet and in between your toes when you have finished

Hopefully you are now aware of why do diabetics have be careful cutting their toenails and you will take just a little more time to avoid long term problems! 

If your eyesight isn’t great then think about asking someone to help you or enlist the help of a chiropodist.

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by Marta | 11/07/2015