What are diabetic socks and who needs them ?

diabetic socks

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Are you a diabetic and looking for more information on diabetic socks? We present you some useful information on not only what these diabetic socks are but also will present you with explanations of why these are important for you to wear, considerations before you set-out to buy these and some useful tips to keeping your feet dry and healthy.

The main purpose of diabetic socks is to keep your feet dry by keeping the moisture in control. They are also supposed to decrease the risk for foot injury and to avoid preventing or slowing blood circulation. These diabetic socks are usually made of materials with superior abilities to dry away moisture, do not have seams and are fitted and padded with non-binding material.

People suffering from diabetes as they are at a greater risk of having foot injuries and injections which can damage their circulatory and nervous system caused by increased blood sugar levels. Diabetes can lead to nerve damage, or neuropathy, which can decrease sensation and put patients at risk for injury, especially at the bottom of their feet. Patients are also likely to be unaware of the problem and delay treatment.

The problems with circulation can make it harder for wounds to heal as it may be difficult for them to benefit from the healing properties of the bloodstream. These conditions are quite serious and can be life threatening if ignored.

Foot care is one of the most important considerations for patients suffering from diabetes. It is important for diabetic patients to consider a few points before investing in buying for socks for them.

1. Diabetic patients with normal feet.

Diabetic patients can wear comfortable socks if they have normal feet. But they need to take into account a few considerations before they decide on a pair of socks. These socks should not be tight, or lumpy or have seams that can be uncomfortable. Those suffering from diabetes should also ensure that they do not use socks that may lead to an injury for instance, friction or blisters in feet. Experts also suggest for diabetic patients, fitted socks are a better choice than tube socks.

2. Decreased sensation socks

Diabetic patients are at a higher risk of developing ulcers as they cannot sense pressure. Therefore, a good choice for these is to use densely padded socks which are made of acrylic fibre Acrylic fibre socks are suggested as they have a better-moisture absorbing quality. Socks that are light coloured are preferred as they can help a person spot injuries or bleeding as they may have decreased blood sensation.

3. Specialised diabetic socks for those who regularly exercise.

People with diabetes who exercise vigorously should consider using acrylic socks with padding as it may help them keep their feet dry and reduce blistering as compared to cotton socks.

Should You Buy Diabetic Socks?

It is always recommended to speak to your general physician to consider wearing diabetic socks. It is advisable to regularly check your feet for injuries as reduced sensation in your feet may cause you to ignore or leave these blisters unnoticed.

Diabetic socks can really help diabetic patients take care of their feet, improve circulation and take notice of blisters and feet injury.

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by Marta | 05/11/2014