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Why Bamboo Socks are ideal for Diabetic Patients?

Bamboo socks for diabetic foot

Extensive foot care is of paramount importance for all diabetic patients. Preventative measures should be taken to avoid infections and other complications. Wearing socks is an important factor for foot care in the treatment plan. Among all the sock fabric options best socks should be selected for diabetic patients offering multiple benefits in their interest. […]

Diabetic Foot Ulcer – What is it ?

Diabetes is lifetime disease occurring due to the high sugar level in the blood. Main symptoms of diabetes are: Thirst Frequent urination Tiredness Weight loss Itching Slow healing of wounds Blurred vision Diabetic foot ulcers are most common among diabetic patients. It has a tendency to occur in every diabetic patient and 15% suffers from […]

Diabetic Foot Infections – Problems & Symptoms

Diabetic foot is a complication in the result of diabetes mellitus. Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a metabolic chronic disease having high blood sugars in a person for a long period causing serious problems. Having several characteristics of diabetic foot, leads to diabetic foot syndrome. Problems occurring in diabetic foot syndrome includes: Diabetic foot ulcers Foot […]