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How to take care of your diabetic feet?

diabetic socks feet

How to take care of your diabetic feet? Majority of the people suffering from diabetes often face the trouble of having foot ulcer which is due to the reason that diabetes causes poor circulation and poor sensation in the feet. Therefore, it is important that the diabetics take special care of their feet. Get your […]

Diabetic Foot Infections – Prevention and Treatment

Diabetic Foot problems

Blood circulation issues, nerve damage and infections cause problems for the diabetic foot to heal and┬árecover. You can protect your feet by following some prevention techniques. Observe and learn the foot problems, and avoid them to prevent serious complications. Stay healthy for a better life. Firstly to avoid all the infections, take care of your […]

Diabetic Foot Infections – Problems & Symptoms

Diabetic foot is a complication in the result of diabetes mellitus. Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a metabolic chronic disease having high blood sugars in a person for a long period causing serious problems. Having several characteristics of diabetic foot, leads to diabetic foot syndrome. Problems occurring in diabetic foot syndrome includes: Diabetic foot ulcers Foot […]