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The Perfect Hiking Equipment List

With the summer fast approaching, people all over the UK are starting to identify activities that all the family can get involved with. Finding a suitable activity for all ages is a tough task, but hiking could be the answer! All you need are a few key items on your hiking equipment list.   A […]

Tennis Equipment

Tennis Socks and Equipment

Your tennis equipment can make or break your game   Tennis is a popular sport especially during the summer months and to look and feel the part you need some good quality tennis equipment. You may not be the next Federer, Nadal, or Djokovic but with the right Tennis equipment and training you are vollying […]

Diabetes Foot Problems Require Careful Attention

Diabetes foot problems

The medical care provided for individuals with diabetes foot problems are most effective when early treatment is possible. Without it, serious complications can develop. Among these are poor circulation leading to both numbness and pain in the legs and feet. Many diabetic patients are advised to wear compression stockings. They encourage the circulation of blood […]

Why Bamboo Socks are ideal for Diabetic Patients?

Bamboo socks for diabetic foot

Extensive foot care is of paramount importance for all diabetic patients. Preventative measures should be taken to avoid infections and other complications. Wearing socks is an important factor for foot care in the treatment plan. Among all the sock fabric options best socks should be selected for diabetic patients offering multiple benefits in their interest. […]

Bamboo Socks – Things worth knowing

bamboo socks

The most enticing aspect of bamboo socks fabric is that it is the most eco-friendly fabric on the planet! Bamboo socks fabric is similar to the softness of silk. Since the bamboo yarns are without chemical treatment, it makes bamboo socks fabric hypoallergenic and perfect for those who experience allergic reactions to other natural yarns […]

What is the impact of diabetes?

Over time, diabetes can lead to blindness, kidney failure, and nerve damage. These types of damage are the result of damage to small vessels, referred to as microvascular disease. Diabetes is also an important factor in accelerating the hardening and narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis), leading to strokes, coronary heart disease, and other large blood […]