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5 Healthy Living Tips For People Who Have Diabetes


1. Know Your Levels It sounds too basic, but when it comes to living well with diabetes, knowing and controlling your blood glucose levels is vital. Using your home glucose monitor frequently or wearing devices that your track your glucose and guarantee that the correct amount of insulin is released at the right time. It […]

5 diabetic diet foods to avoid

Fizzy drinks

Although no food is totally taboo, keep these five to a minimum. 1. Red meat Red meat has long been associated with type 2 diabetes. A 2011 Harvard University study found that people who increased their red-meat intake by 3½ servings per week had a nearly 50 percent higher risk of developing the disease. 2. […]

When Will This Diet Be Over?


The biggest problems with ‘diets’ are that the word has started to be used as a verb. Diet to most people now means restricting certain foods like sugar or chocolate in order to lose weight. Guess what happens when the weight comes off? That’s right, diet’s over. It’s very common for dieters to go through a […]