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Diabetes Foot Problems Require Careful Attention

Diabetes foot problems

The medical care provided for individuals with diabetes foot problems are most effective when early treatment is possible. Without it, serious complications can develop. Among these are poor circulation leading to both numbness and pain in the legs and feet. Many diabetic patients are advised to wear compression stockings. They encourage the circulation of blood […]

Diabetes Foot Problems Are Common

Diabetes Foot Problems

There are dozens of articles on the internet addressing the topic of diabetes foot problems. It is a common occurrence. Many are advertising a product and may be misleading. The source of the information should be verified as legitimate. The reason it has been such a popular topic of interest is the high number of […]

Antimicrobial properties of bamboo fibres used in diabetic socks.

Bamboo fibres

Antimicrobial is used as an agent for killing microorganisms. Antimicrobial socks are different from other fibres due to their protection property. Having a good antimicrobial property, bamboo fibres is not only suitable for making socks but also for other clothing like inner wear. Infestation caused by microbial poses great threat to all organisms. Disgusting smell from […]

Why Bamboo Socks are ideal for Diabetic Patients?

Bamboo socks for diabetic foot

Extensive foot care is of paramount importance for all diabetic patients. Preventative measures should be taken to avoid infections and other complications. Wearing socks is an important factor for foot care in the treatment plan. Among all the sock fabric options best socks should be selected for diabetic patients offering multiple benefits in their interest. […]

Benefits of silver socks for diabetics

Benefits of silver socks

It’s embarrassing enough when one finds their feet smelly after taking shoes off. What adds to the worry   are them feeling cold alongside. If you are facing either situation than silver socks could be your savior. Specialised with safe and natural pure silver, these socks minimize heat lose by effectively reflecting the body’s heat […]