Anti-odour socks

Anti-odour socks are meant for good hygiene. Seamless, breathable and anti-odor deodorant socks keep feet in good physical shape and protect them. Socks with the deodorant have undergone anti bactericide and antifungal treatment which, in turn, protects the feet against bad smell and germs. Sterilized bacteria and odor fiber protects the feet from getting sweaty and stinky. Deodorant socks are agents for destroying feet odors. When worn, they protect one’s feet from smell caused by bacterial breakdown. Moreover, deodorant socks are washing resistant. This property can be attained in the following ways:

– Special finish, licensed by the Swiss company of Sanitized, is permanently inserted in the fibers of the sock. License for the inclusion is only permitted to the manufacturers who are capable of providing best quality services of manufacturing. All products are granted Sanitized Certificate which proves the standard of regarding quality and health matters.

– Special yarn with silver ion material is also being used as a solution in sports and medical socks. Special yarns and silver ion based products fight against the bad odor and have unique, strong and safe anti bacterial and antifungal properties, protecting feet from unpleasant smell. All these properties combined render these socks to be the best in the market.